Thursday, January 09, 2020

[Links of the Day] 09/01/2020 : SaaS Postmortem, MIT DeepLearning Lectures, Kafka GUI

  • A Failed SaaS Postmortem : an interesting postmortem of a failed SaaS. The TL;DR: too much focus on tech, not enough on customers.
  • MIT Deep Learning : 2019 lecture on deep learning, started this January.
  • KafkaHQ : Nice Kafka GUI for topics, topics data, consumers group, schema registry, connect and more.. If you want an alternative to it you can also check out Pulsar [pulsar] [pulsar dashboard]

Tuesday, January 07, 2020

[Links of the Day] 07/01/2020: 2019 AI index report, Essential Guide to electronics in Shenzhen, Tech Lead Expectations for engineering projects

AI index report 2019 : a little bit generic but still a good refresh of where we are and where we may be going.
Essential Guide to Electronics in Shenzhen : Huaqiangbei electronics market in Shenzhen is a must-visit for any tech aficionado. On top of the diversity of things, you can find you literally have access to a swarm of manufacturer and engineering group that can build whatever you need or can think of under one roof.
Tech Lead Expectations for Engineering Projects : an awesome overview of the tech lead by Gergely Orosz @uber. It provides a good overview and guidance of what this role consists of, and what the expectations are.

Thursday, January 02, 2020

[Links of the Day] 02/01/2020 : Video and Slides for Networking @scale and NeurIPS 2019 + AWS batch job monitoring

  • NeurIPS 2019 : All slides and video from the biggest AI / ML conference this year.
  • Networking @scale 2019 : All video from Facebook Networking at scale conference
  • batchiepatchie : A really cool project that allows you to monitor, gather metrics and display useful information about your AWS batch jobs.