Saturday, August 03, 2013

Hecatonchire Version 0.2 Released!

Version 0.2 of Hecatonchire has been released.

What's New:
  1. Write Invalidate coherency model added for those who want to use Heca natively in their application as Distributed Shared Memory( more on that in a subsequent post)
  2. Significant improvement in performance of page transfer as well as a numbres of bugs squashed.
  3. Specific Optimisation for KVM.
  4. Scale out memory mirroring
  5. Hybrid Post copy live migration
  6. Moved to linux Kernel 3.9 Stable
  7. Moved to Qemu-kvm 1.4 stable
  8. Added Test / Proof of concept tools ( specifically for the new coherency model)
  9. Improved Documentation

We are now focusing on Stabilizing the code as well as robustness ( we aim at making the code production ready by 0.4) . Also, we are starting significant work to transparently integrate Hecatonchire so it can be transparently leverage via a cloud stack and more specifically openstack.

You can download it here :
You can see the install doc here:
And finally the changelog  there :
Or you can just pull the Master branch on github:

Stay tuned for more in depth blog post on Hecatonchire.