Tuesday, December 31, 2019

[Links of the Day] 31/12/2019 : C++ STL iterators for GO, Hotchips 2019 and Rust implementation of Graph based Nearest Neighbour search

  • iterGo implementation of C++ STL iterators and algorithms. I really need to look into C++ again. Been a really long time since I touched it.
  • HotChips 2019 : All videos from talks at this year HotChips conference ( 31st of its kind!)
  • GranneGraph-based approximate nearest neighbour search in Rust, I really like Annoy from Spotify but this Rust implementation seems attractive enough that I will give it a spin. 

Thursday, December 19, 2019

[Links of the Day] 19/12/2019 : Machine learning at arXiv, Netflix human centered machine learning infrastructure management library, Filesystems are still not fully SSD aware

  • arXiv Machine Learning Classification Guide : how does ArXiv classify papers automatically with machine learning and what they plan to do with it in the future.
  • Metaflow : Netflix open source it's human-centred python library for managing machine learning infrastructure. It can user PyTorch, Tensorflow and Scikit. [website]
  • Evaluating File System Reliability on Solid State Drives : Your filesystem needs to understand the underlying hardware in order to guarantee reliability and security of the data stored. Nowadays the majority of storage solution relies on SSD but the authors discovered that many of the common filesystems are not fully SSD aware in their operations. They demonstrated that in 16% of the case faults resulted in irrecoverable failures.

Tuesday, December 17, 2019

[Links of the Day] 17/12/2019 : Business Models throughout history, Indexing Billions Vectors, US Progress report on #AI

  • Business Models : A long list of various business model with examples. The descriptions of the models are short and self-explanatory. Great short read. 
  • Indexing Billions of Text Vectors : when you have to use text vectors and you need to search them fast, K nearest neighbour search to the rescue.
  • 2016-2019 Progress Report - Advancing Artificial Intelligence :  US National Science and Technology Council report on Artificial Intelligence. It seems that AI crept up in the radar of the legislator and executive. Luckily they will understand that AI R&D has become pervasive in all sectors of the industry and without continuous investment US will quickly fall behind in this arms race.  [slidedeck]

Thursday, December 12, 2019

[Links of the Day] 12/12/2019 : Edge Neural Network attack surface survey, Multidimensional Indexes for K/V store, Deploy your own SaaS

  • Survey of Attacks and Defenses on Edge-Deployed Neural Networks : As machine learning becomes more pervasive in everyday technology. We need to start looking into the attack surface area of these techs. And, ho boy... It's not only huge but there is a lot of hidden potential in there. The authors do a really good job of looking at the current state of play on edge deployed neural network security.
  • Learned Multi-dimensional Indexes : The authors propose Flood, a multi-dimensional in-memory index that automatically adapts to the dataset and workload. It seems like a fantastic upgrade for standard k/v store. K/V store has always been terrible at range scan and other multidimensional operations. I wonder if this technique can be easily adapted to Cassandra / Scylladb. This might deliver a significant boost for these DB systems. 
  • Deploy-your-own-SaaS : Deploy your own Saas, just for you. Cool Templates repo with tons of SaaS service for personal ( or family / small group ) use. Chat server, Music streaming, website, adblock, etc.. you name it. 

Tuesday, December 10, 2019

[Links of the Day] 10/12/2019 : Company culture syllabus, Visual Guide to BERT, Consensus algorithm

Thursday, December 05, 2019

[Links of the Day] 05/12/19 : Tensor Processing Units for Machine learning, Short history of Intel CPU registers, Chrome as a service

Tuesday, December 03, 2019

[Links of the Day] 03/12/2019 : Update Framework, Good Runbook, 50 years of computer architecture

  • Update Framework : this looks highly promising, the Linux Foundation is teaming up with CNCF to deliver a secure way to maintain and update system even in the face of adversity. Knowing that there is an update to apply is already half the battle and this framework seems to go a long way to help you with this and tackle the next half efficiently.
  • Good Runbook : what is a good runbook, how to structure it and how to apply it. Runbooks are the basics of the standard operations procedure in case of failure. Often overlooked as an afterthought, the runbooks in your company should be carefully designed to be easily understandable and applicable. As more often than not, the person who wrote the runbook won't be the one executing it on the next failure. 
  • 50 Years of Computer Architecture : a nice historic recap of the evolution of the processor architecture and where we are going. The mainframe CPU history is just worth a read alone. [slides]