Thursday, January 07, 2010

Wake up call, cloud is not green.

In 2008 I mentioned multiple times the issue with virtualization , cloud computing and the false impression that it help save the planet.

Almost a year and a half later ,  some people start to realize that standardization and automation doesn't reduce the energetic impact of IT  but accelerate the consumption of IT products by making them more easily accessible. As a consequence this acceleration drive up the energetic demands.

 Micro, vs macro, efficiency vs sufficiency quite often people are too quick to jump to the conclusion without having real facts to support it.


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  2. Without so many typos this time.

    I spoke on the "Cloud is Green" myth at IT@Cork in 2008 and at several other conferences between 08/09.

    Whilst I agreed that cloud / virtualisation allows for more efficient provision of resources compared to standard physical machine provision for an application, the problem with cloud has always been componentisation (& self-service effects), price elasticity effects, the acceleration of innovation of new activities built upon these components and co-evolution of new industries.

    In short, whilst individual machine image provision will become more efficient, it is the vast increase in consumption which means cloud computing on its own won't be green.