Sunday, November 01, 2020

ARM ecosystem disintegration and the rise of RISC-V

#ARM acquisition by #Nvidia is making people uneasy. 

And the early sign of the unravelling of the #ARM ecosystem start to appear: ThunderX3 general-purpose ARM CPU has been cancelled.

One would ask why spending $$ to build a better product and increase its number of consumers if, for that, it will have to use the Nvidia IP and compete directly against the IP owner.
If you combine this with the difficult viability of putting together a general-purpose #ARM alternative to #Intel / #AMD as #ARM vendors are effectively competing on cost with much lower volumes.

We start to understand why Marvell decided to shift toward the much more trendy IPU/PDU/Smartnic market.

On the other hand, I think we will see an acceleration of RISC-V adoption. Eating away at the traditional #ARM market share. This will be driven by the large scale edge deployment of #riscv sees chips with a RISC-V core and an #NPU (neural processing unit). These chips can be churned out at incredibly cheap cost, less than $10, and these will become ubiquitous really rapidly.

It might take 10-15 years but ultimately this will seal the fate of the ARM franchise.

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  1. Remember the economic sanctions against Chinese electronics companies?
    Now the Chinese want a processor that does not depend upon licenses from the West. It seems risc-v will be that processor.