Tuesday, July 07, 2015

Links of the day 07 - 07 - 2015

Links of the day 07/07/2015 : brittle vs ductile systems, leader election, testing distributed system, Non blocking algo and multicore programming
  • Brittle : very good overview on why current obsession with fault tolerant system are a lot more expensive than a non-fault-tolerant system that (most of the time) does the same job. And worse when they fail the failure is catastrophic. The authors advocate that we need to move toward ductile system - system that are able to strech even under failure, while it might break it provides enough warning enabling the catastrophic failure scenario and the associated cost.
  • Fast Leader election without tournament : very good Microsoft research paper on how to solve the leader election without the classic tournament approach.
  • Distributed system testing : ACM queue article on the approaches and challenges of testing distributed systems. 
  • Nonblocking Algorithms & Scalable Multicore Programming : from the fantastic paper we love meetup, Devon tells us: "Apart from being a fantastic primer on designing portable concurrent data structures, this well-sourced paper provides a number of captivating ideas on thinking about, modeling, and solving concurrency and contention problems."

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