Wednesday, December 03, 2014

Links of the day 3 - 11 - 2014

Today's links 3/12/2014:  #container management , choosing a #nosql platform, future programming , #ARM v8.1 , #Apache drill for #Hadoop

  • Giant Swarm : kubernetes alternative 
  • Visual Guide to NoSQL Systems : picking one is not as trivial as what they want you to believe.
  • Future Programming Workshop 2014 : Video from the workshop 
  • Arm v8 architecture : An overview of the ARMv8.1 architecture extensions (enhancements over current ARMv8). An important feature is the possibility to run a host OS kernel directly in EL2 (Hypervisor mode) saving some extra context switches for KVM.
  • Drill : new top level project from apache , aim to deliver Schema-free SQL Query Engine for Hadoop and NoSQL

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