Friday, March 25, 2016

[Links of the day] 25/03/2016: Scheduling with queuing theory, LLVM Assembler Framework, Erasure Coding at Azure

  • Efficient Queue Management for Cluster Scheduling : MS researcher look into introducing queue management techniques, such as appropriate queue sizing, prioritization of task execution via queue reordering, starvation freedom, and careful placement of tasks to queues for big data task cluster scheduling. 
  • Keystone : a indie gogo project to refactor LLVM to build a multi-architecture, multi-platform, open source assembler framework.
  • Erasure Coding in Windows Azure Storage : MS azure use Local Reconstruction Codes (LRC) for its storage. LRC greatly reduces the number of erasure coding fragments needed for reconstruction in case of failure/ offline data. The key benefit is a drastic reduction in I/O and bandwidth requirement for repairs while maintaining the storage overhead low.

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