Tuesday, April 26, 2016

[Links of the day] 26/04/2015 : Quantum Bitcoin, Non-transactional distributed systems consistency and Flame Graph

  • Consistency in Non-Transactional Distributed Storage Systems : This paper tries to provide a comprehensive overview of different consistency notions that appeared in distributed systems with a focus on storage systems. The authors define 50 different consistency notions, ranging from linearizability to eventual and weak consistency which is subsequently mapped to different practical systems and research prototypes. 
  • Flame Graph : ACM queue article on the necessity of good visualization tool for profiling , debugging, and optimizing computing systems.
  • Quantum Bitcoin : In this paper the authors describe a Bitcoin-like currency that runs on a quantum computer using the non-cloning quantum property. While not everybody has (yet) the luxury to have a quantum computer, the solution presented offers several advantages over classical Bitcoin, including immediate local verification of transactions with full anonymity for the users, no transaction fees and the system can scale to any transaction volume. Now you just need a quantum computer :)

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