Wednesday, April 27, 2016

[Links of the day] 27/04/2015 : Containers at CERN, Nvidia Tesla and Usenix Hotcloud16

  • Containers and Orchestration in the CERN Cloud : interesting talk looking at how CERN embrace containers on its cloud platform. And how they leverage Magnum which relies heavily on Heat for the orchestration part of the container clusters - called bays. I would be curious to find out how they scaled Heat and pitfall with this approach. 
  • NVIDIA Tesla P100 : Nvidia whitepaper on the next generation accelerator . Impressive spec, however I always feel that there is still significant room for making it easier to consume those type of ressource.
  • HotCloud16  : Usenix program is out, some interesting papers especially these two : 
    • Cloud Spot Markets are Not Sustainable: The Case for Transient Guarantees
    • Mlcached: Multi-level DRAM-NAND Key-value Cache

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