Monday, July 04, 2016

[Links of the day] 04/07/2016 : eXpress Data path, Caching in future internet architectures, Kubernetes children's illustrated guide

  • Evaluating Caching Mechanisms In Future Internet Architectures : A look at future caching solution in an ever more mobile world. In this thesis, the author look at MobileFirst and named data networking strategy and the various trade-off and benefit for each caching approach. 
  • The Children's Illustrated Guide to Kubernetes : Well, I'm pretty sure that their is a good chunk of devops that suffer from the peter pan syndrome. I guess they will love this guide ! Also it is well written and easy to understand if this is your first exposure to Kubernetes 
  • eXpress Data Path : Facebook next gen high performance programmatic networking data path. This is an impressive piece of work and solution.  What is interesting is that they decided to go against the current trend. They do not use kernel bypass technique (DPDK , userspace verbs , etc..) but instead is directly integrated in the kernel fastpath.  Moreover, it is programmable , extensible ( without kernel reboot) , extend existing TCP/IP stack ( rather than replacing it ) , and high performance. With an added bonus : no need for specialized Hardware !!! 

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