Tuesday, May 30, 2017

[Links of the day] - 30/05/2017 : Next Gen File system / Machine learning Infrastructure & stealth denial of service in public cloud

  • TFS: Some Interesting concepts behind TFS - Next-generation file system. The Design goals are ambitious & well thought. However, Machine learning for caching can make sense but I will still prefer to see how it cope in real life over a long period of time. Especially when there is historical access pattern that span days - months.
  • Stanford DAWN Project : While I know some cool tech will come out of it public cloud provider will probably shape the future of machine learning infrastructure at faster pace & with shorter iteration
  • Bolt : this is really cool, the authors of the paper are pretty much pushing the noisy neighbour to 11. They propose a technique that offers stealth denial of service on public cloud infrastructure. 

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