Thursday, October 18, 2018

[Links of the Day] 18/10/2018 : Rust conf 2018 videos, Financial modeling for startups, Baidu RPC framework

  • bprc : Baidu enterprise-grade RPC. If you look at the performance, this looks really impressive.  But, sadly most of the docs are in Chinese. I don't really know how committed to opensource and if Baidu is culturally attuned to run opensource community. But I think we need to keep a close look at all the recent opensource announcement from Chinese companies and see how they withstand the test of time. Last but not least, you might note that Chinese tends to prefer QQ over slack for discussion medium. 
  • Financial Modeling for Startups : This is an interesting laying out the core element of financial startup modelling. This can be of great help for entrepreneurs out there that want to wrap their head around the difficult financials aspect of creating and running a company. 
  • RustConf 2018 : video from Rust conf 2018

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