Thursday, December 06, 2018

[Links of the Day] 06/12/2018 : NLP summarisation, RPC protobuf framework, API security best practices

  • Fast Abstractive Summarization with Reinforce-Selected Sentence Rewriting : I would have mentioned this paper on the sole basis that the authors provide a GitHub repo with all the code used. This should be mandatory for any publication in Computer science. Anyway, the summarization tech described in the paper is pretty cool too. [github]
  • twirp : RPC framework with protobuf service definitions. If you don't want to go all gRPC, give this framework a serious look. I would consider twirp over gRPC for the sole reason that it uses the standard GO http server over the custom google one. Seriously google, why did you have to re-implement the HTTP server from your own language ?? 
  • API Security Best Practices : documentations providing some good security practice when it comes GitHubhub usage. As well as an excellent leak management document describing a fairly efficient process.

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