Thursday, December 12, 2019

[Links of the Day] 12/12/2019 : Edge Neural Network attack surface survey, Multidimensional Indexes for K/V store, Deploy your own SaaS

  • Survey of Attacks and Defenses on Edge-Deployed Neural Networks : As machine learning becomes more pervasive in everyday technology. We need to start looking into the attack surface area of these techs. And, ho boy... It's not only huge but there is a lot of hidden potential in there. The authors do a really good job of looking at the current state of play on edge deployed neural network security.
  • Learned Multi-dimensional Indexes : The authors propose Flood, a multi-dimensional in-memory index that automatically adapts to the dataset and workload. It seems like a fantastic upgrade for standard k/v store. K/V store has always been terrible at range scan and other multidimensional operations. I wonder if this technique can be easily adapted to Cassandra / Scylladb. This might deliver a significant boost for these DB systems. 
  • Deploy-your-own-SaaS : Deploy your own Saas, just for you. Cool Templates repo with tons of SaaS service for personal ( or family / small group ) use. Chat server, Music streaming, website, adblock, etc.. you name it. 

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