Tuesday, March 10, 2020

[Links of the Day] 10/03/2020 : NLP models platform for elasticsearch, Encrypted Tensor flow framework, Reformer transformer machine learning model

  • nboost : scalable, search-api-boosting platform for deploying transformer models to improve the relevance of search results on different platforms (i.e. Elasticsearch)
  • tf-encrypted : encrypted tensor flow. This allows you to work on an encrypted dataset for generating models. It's privacy (??) preserving machine learning framework [github]
  • reformer : while most transformers are limited to a short number of tokens (512.. maybe more). Google folks came up with a new architecture called Reformer that leverage locality preserving hashing that blast past this limation and a allow handling context windows of up to 1 million words, all on a single accelerator and using only 16GB of memory.[arxiv]

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