Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Cloud bursting and the real world.

Cloud bursting is kind of a hot topic and presented as the panacea for companies that want to provide the service in house without overprovisionning for peaks loads.

As always , most of people around talk about the different solutions on how cloud bursting should be done or will be done. But they are missing the big picture behind it. Cloud is not a technology it’s a business model .Where is the cost model?

With the current state of technology , cloud bursting is highly limited to very specific type of applications. On top of the the economic model is not really clear and nobody has any real idea of the cost.

One of the main problem comes from that you pay for your cloud server on demand, Cloud bandwidth etc.. But on top of that you need to pay for the cloud server to access your data and synchronize the data back internally (not to mention the security and trust issue).

I think the real question is how the cloud bursting cost model stand up against classic peaks provisioning or even better internal cloud resource re purposing?

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