Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Giant curated list of links links!!!

Computer management


Big Data

  • awesome-bigdata - Big data frameworks, resources and other awesomeness. 
  • awesome-hadoop - Hadoop ecosystem resources.
  • Awesome-Data-Science
  • The Hadoop Ecosystem Table : a summary to keep the track of Hadoop related projects, focused on FLOSS environment.
  • BigData  : Massive list of Big Data useful stuff and links by Andrea Mostosi
  • BigData blog listThis list contains almost all frequently-updated Big Data blogs, belonging to a wide range of categories: Data Science, Data Analytics, Business Intelligence, Machine Leaning, Data Visualization, Data Mining, NoSQL, Hadoop etc.


Platforms Architecture - Design - Algorithms

Programming languages






  • Awesome Talks - List of online talks that you would love to watch 


Finally  : Awesomeness

  • Awesome Awesomeness : list of curated collections of frameworks and libraries in various languages that do not suck. They solve the problem of “so, I’m new to (language) and don’t want to kiss a lot of frogs before I find the right tool for a particular task” 
  • Awesome Awesomeness - A curated list of awesome awesomeness 
  • Awesome Awesome - A curated list of awesome curated lists! Inspired by inspiration
  • Awesome Awesome Awesome : A a curated list of curated lists of awesome lists.

And since awesome seems to be the theme of the day, here is the song that goes with it: 

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