Monday, September 22, 2014

Links of the day 22 - 09 -2014

Today's links 22/09/2014:  resource dis-aggregation, #cloud , #datacenter , #orchestration , #Memory
  • Bash Booster : a single file library, which provides various features useful during setup environment and preparing servers. It has been written using Bash only and requires nothing else.
  • The Rack Endgame: Converged Infrastructure and Disaggregation : Similar post to mine about how server resources dis-aggregation is the natural evolution of the data center technology ( especially at web-scale).
  • Algorithmic Memory :  add physical (HW) memory macro and algorithm in order to speed up RAM performance ( +~15% silicon space deliver 2x to 4x performance improvement)[slides]
Intel's p-channel silicon-gate technology with buried-contact design techniques implemented the 1103 1024-bit memory

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