Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Links of the day 13/10/2015: #intel cache partitioning, #AWS dynamodb crash aftermath, SOPS15

  • Intel cache partitioning : why Intel added cache partitioning, the feature is really useful in order to avoid cache pollution and noisy neighbor effect in virtual environment. Until there is an automated way to provision the configuration (autonuma style maybe). It will remain niche. Too bad this is badly needed as the number of cores to cache ratio keep increasing. 
  • Irreversible Failures : Lessons from the AWS DynamoDB Outage, and why you should always be prepared for white/gray/black swan events. Make your system ductile not brittle.. 
  • SOPS 2015 : interesting pick from microsoft research : ironfleet distributed system validation, and distributed transaction. From Intel we have the virtual cpu validation

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