Wednesday, January 18, 2017

[Links of the Day] 18/01/2017 : Multi-tenant K/V cache, Http Tunnel , Google Infrastructure security

  • Memshare: Multi-tenant in-memory key value store, the authors target specifically web caching use case. It is interesting to see that they are using log-structured for maximising memory usage and hit ratio. However, the really novel approach is that it allow each application to define its own eviction policy. 
  • Chisel: Interesting tunnel approach over Http, to some extent similar to coding but with a different approach. I really like that is provide something more akin to crowbar for firewall bypass and with out of the box encryption. Also, it seems to be a lot faster that other tunnel out there. 
  • Google Infrastructure Security Design: Google approach to security is really interesting. While it makes great use of hardware security feature it also leverages a more software-defined security approach allowing them to have multiple lines of defences stacked between each communicating component while eliminating a lot of the restriction that often scleroses highly secure infrastructure.  

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