Tuesday, January 24, 2017

[Links of the Day] 24/01/2017 : Numpy cheat sheet, Innovations patterns, Persistent memory summit

  • Numpy Cheat Sheet: all you need for data analysis in python with NumPy 
  • Mathematical Model of innovation patterns: Vittorio Loreto at the Sapienza University of Rome in Italy and al, created the first mathematical model that accurately reproduces the patterns that innovations follow. 
  • Persistent Memory Summit: SNIA NVM summit 2017. Finally, with the introduction of Intel 3dXpoint, we start to see more HW NVM solution out there. And with that software that uses it. Some really interesting talks: 
    • Nova file system demonstrates the benefit of NVM optimises storage solution. 
    • SAP Hana on NVM: interesting to see that they still require redundant copies as they fear data corruption on NvDimms. I wonder when we will start to see ECC NvDimms on the market? 
    • New interconnect: lots of hot new interconnects battling for the heterogeneous compute ecosystem domination. And this pass by offering persistent memory specific solution:  Gen-z provide PM pooling, Open CAPI accelerate PM access and CCIX share PM 

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