Friday, March 10, 2017

[Links of the Day] 10/03/2017 : User-space SysFS, Key Value consensus Algo, Cost efficient Big Data Serverless Framework

  • ProcStat : Userspace equivalent of kernel SysFS. Really cool project by my friend Sasha. makes it really easy to expose internal counter and state of a process via FUSE
  • Bizur : Key-value Consensus Algorithm using a nice solution where consensus is achieved on the key themselves rather than relying on a globally distributed log. The great aspect is that recovery and failure management is greatly simplified and streamlined. However, it implies that the progress and consensus on each key are independent of each other. As a result, you cannot rely on serialisation of state between key. Which can be limiting if you expect the state of Key A to be changed after the State of Key B by example. 
  • PyWren : Framework that let you use serverless functions for cheap large-scale data analysis. [github]

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