Wednesday, March 08, 2017

[Links of the Day] 08/03/2016 : Intel blockchain, Fast17 conference and papers, AWS cloud formation devops tool

After a small hiatus, here is the return of the links of the day.
  • Sawtooth Lake: Intel distributed ledger system. It uses an interesting security mechanism to deliver secure consensus. Sadly it relies on Intel proprietary hardware encryption modules to deliver this feature.
  • Fast17: File and Storage technology Usenix conference happened last month. There were a couple of interesting papers but one picked my interest: Redundancy Does Not Imply Fault Tolerance:Analysis of Distributed Storage Reactions toSingle Errors and Corruptions. The authors look at single file system fault impact on Redis, ZooKeeper, Cassandra, Kafka, RethinkDB, MongoDB, LogCabin, and CockroachDB. Turns out most systems are not able to handle these type of faults very well. It seems that a single node persistency layer error can have an adversarial ripple effect as distributed system seems to have put way to much trust in the reliability of this layer. Sadly they lack tools for recovering from errors or corruption emerging from file systems.
  • Stacker : remind 101 tools for creating and updating AWS formation stacks. Looks like an interesting alternative to terraform. 

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