Thursday, June 08, 2017

[Links of the Day] 08/06/2017 : Machine Learning Tuning DBMS, Direct SSD to GPU SQL and Large Graph DB processing

  • Tuning DBMS with Machine Learning : From the people behind Peloton, they demonstrate a way to automatically tune DB using machine learning. This is rather interesting, however, there is a key element that is missing in the approach: Cost. Your DB system can become highly optimise but your AWS cost can skyrocket too. What you need is a system that automatically tunes perf & cost tradeoff to maximise ROI Sometimes being a little bit slower can save $$
  • MOSAIC : More heterogeneous approach: graph processing engine that exploits all the hardware resources available in a standard Xeon host processor, Xeon Phi coprocessors, NVMe, and a fast interconnect. Because fast processing of your Facebook social network for fast advertisment targeting is worth it :) [slides]
  • PG-Strom : By-passing CPU for SQL operation by allowing direct SSD to GPU communication for Postgress SQL processing. We are slowly entering the age of heterogeneous computing system were core CPU get relegated to highly generic tasks. [slides]

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