Tuesday, June 27, 2017

[Links of the Day] 27/06/2017 : Blockchain trust & authentication for IoT, K8s patterns, Ripple cryptocurrency Network analysis

  • Kubernetes Production Patterns and anti-patterns :  a lot of common sense, actually a lot of the patterns and anti-patterns can be applied to the other environments. But still a good refresher. 
  • Blockchain based trust & authentication for decentralized sensor networks : using blockchain to solve the trust issue in a swarm of IoT on a network. The critical bit missing is the power requirement for running all the crypto operations.
  • Large-Scale Analysis of the Ripple Cryptocurrency Network : an overview of the paper analysing the Ripple p2p blockchain based money transaction network. Turns out it suffer the same issue that "old school" p2p network. Take out the highly connected nodes and you can bring down / split the network. Nothing new, but still a good read and reminder that small network tends to be resilient to attack. But, if their resiliency diminishes with the increased reliance on a small number of highly connected nodes.

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