Friday, July 21, 2017

[Links of the Day] 21/07/2017 : Tofu HPC interconnect challenges, Satellite Quantum key distribution, Go K/V store

  • Evolution and challenges of Tofu Interconnect : Deep learning and heterogeneous hardware is putting a strain on HPC interconnect. They need to adapt to new application communication model as well as hardware while retaining best of breed capability for "traditional" HPC application. 
  • Satellite-to-ground quantum key distribution : this is ground breaking from Chinese scientists. Where they demonstrate they are able to solve the main hurdle behind planet-wide quantum communication by leveraging satellite to satellite quantum crypto key distribution.  And they are deploying a proof of concept!
  • Badger :  nice key/value store written in go. It's based on Wiskey paper and is heavily optimised for SSD. It's 3.5 faster than rocksDB .[github]

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