Thursday, July 06, 2017

[Links of the Day] 06/07/2017 : venture capital investment framework, Aftershock in complex systems, ISC workshop

  • Picking Winners : the authors propose a framework for venture capital investment. However, I feel that there is a major flaw in the approach as it is designed to correlate previous success with future investment success. This assumes a high degree of repeatability with clear identifiable elements. The model can suffer from the purple cow effect where higher growth opportunities are located in underserved segments. As a result, quite often by following the model, you might suffer from diminishing returns.
  • Aftershocks in a complex system : the authors look at the behaviour of a complex system ( currency market) after a catastrophic event. They discovered that often such system follows a similar pattern to the one exist in earthquake's aftershock. In extenso, after an initial catastrophic event, most systems suffer a series of gradually diminishing aftershock spaced in time. 
  • ISC Workshop 2017 : all about container and optimisation for high-performance workloads.

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