Thursday, November 16, 2017

[Links of the Day] 16/11/2017 : Sparse and dense array database, Rythm of memory, Routing over blockchain

  • TileDB : manages massive dense and sparse multi-dimensional array data simply. This is a really good project as often there is no real support in existing database. 
  • Rhythm of memory : the brain is a complex organ. And we just barely scratched the surface. Scientist discovered that part of the memory processing in the brain is segregated in different subcomponent that process information in parallel and at different speeds. This gives a glimpse of how the brain works and how it is able to store and access so much data at the various level of granularity fast.
  • IPvPub : I really think there is something behind this concept. While I tend to be wary of the current trend of sprinkling blockchain everywhere. Using this technology for large-scale address resolution and routing can solve so many problems... Reduce reliance on DNS system in the age of lambda. What I really want to see is this integrated with a Lambda framework for simple exposure of service endpoints.

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