Tuesday, January 09, 2018

[Links of the day] 09/01/2018 : Learned index structures, 2 paper on Human behavior : herding and stubbornness in Jury deliberation, overconfidence is universal?

  • The Case for Learned Index Structures : as we performance progression for single code cpu slow down ( not to mention spectre and meltdown slowing down existing one). Application moves to a distributed model to scale. As a result databases and distributed systems are forced to become more data-aware to achieve efficiency and performance. This is a very nice paper that demonstrates that data structures often contain components that are learnable and machine learning system can help optimise those data structures. 
  • Evidence of Herding and Stubbornness in Jury Deliberations : human do not rely on logic for important decision and try to coherence fellow human to fit its opinion... While this is widely know, we now have a good hint that this even happens in the judicial system of trial by jury. That or too many people saw twelve angry men. 
  • Overconfidence Is Universal? : interesting paper trying to understand how to identify overconfidence and if this behaviour is more predominant in a certain type of population or gender. 

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