Thursday, January 25, 2018

[Links of the Day] 25/01/2018 : VPS comparison, Scale free network are rare and Data mining OCR PDFs

  • VPS Comparison : this provides a very good overview of the different VPS provider out there. Obviously not complete, but hey, I would love to see a benchmark community driven website maintaining comparison for the different providers. Not just VPS, cloud / paas / lambda etc..
  • Scale-free networks are rare : the ideal scale-free network does not really happen that often in the wild ( of the internet). Maybe its time to go beyond this concept and explore other more realistic avenues for real-world networks ( I'm looking at your distributed network of microservice) 
  • Data Mining OCR PDFs : extracting info from PDF is a nightmare, it's even worse when you have to do OCR and I always considered that tabulation was a no go territory. But looks like somebody actually spent the effort to make it work and it's impressive.

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