Tuesday, February 13, 2018

[Links of the Day] 13/02/2018 : API aware network & security for containers with BPF, Machine Learning Data linter, Promise Theory & money

  • Cilium : layer 3/4 networking management stack offering API-aware Networking and Security for Containers based on BPF. BPF is becoming the de facto tool for any high performance networking software out there. 
  • data-linter : this is one of the must-have tool for ML. These show that the machine learning community is finally maturing out of the tinker age and into a more productivity age. This data linter offer a lightweight, automated sanity checking for ML datasets
  • Promise theoretical analysis of money : an interesting look at money from the network technology point of view. It shows that the classic economic model might need to be revisited as monetary flow edge more toward the operational research/graph theory. 

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