Thursday, February 15, 2018

[Links of the Day] 15/02/2018 : #a16z crypto readings, Unlocking network embedding black box, Pouch - Alibaba's OCI implementation

  • The Crypto Canon : a16z crypto readings resources. Really well organised and will bring you up to speed at a gradual pace. It covers a wide range of topics from foundations (& history); and key concepts and beginners’ guides — followed by specific topics such as governance; development, privacy, and security; scaling; consensus; cryptoeconomics and investing; fundraising and token distribution; decentralized exchanges; stablecoins; and cryptoeconomic primitives (crytocollectibles, curation markets, games & culture).
  • Unlocking the black box of network embedding : this can have a huge impact on network graph embedding ( word2vec , skipgraph , etc..). The authors claim that they can provide a theoretical explanation of popular methods used to automatically map the structure and characteristics of networks
  • Pouch : container technology open-source project created by Alibaba Group. Basically the 3000 pounds Asian gorilla decided to push Open container initiative and help make container tech a commodity. It's interesting that we are seeing history repeat itself in the container domain the same way it happened, to some extent, with the virtualization stack. 

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