Tuesday, March 06, 2018

[Links of the Day] 06/03/2018 : #AI legal liability, Economists unhealthy obsession with the top 5 journals, Tulip Mania Wasn't

  • Tulip Mania wasn't : Apparently, the often referenced 1637 tulip mania event wasn't irrational.  The authors describe the mechanism behind the events and how the culture and society at the time explain the phenomenon. Moreover, it seems that the story was greatly misrepresented. Anyway, this is a great read and debunk the myth and explains parallels or lack of thereof with the recent bitcoins fade.
  • Top5ITIS :  Economist only considers that papers published in the top 5 journals have a value. Everything else is quickly dismissed. Naturally, this leads to a form of hyper-obsession and resentment between economist. Sadly this does not only happen in the economy field. Many other science fields felt or are falling prey to this "disease".
  • Artificial Intelligence and Legal Liability :  a look at legal liability for artificial intelligence. Criminal liability seems to the big one. However, negligence and warranty might be the real liability that might come back and haunt #AI system vendors. 

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