Tuesday, September 11, 2018

[Links of the Day] 11/09/2018 : Impact of legalizing Marijuana on housing market, Taleb's technical incerto

  • Does legalizing retail marijuana generate more benefits than costs ? :  the authors look at the impact of legalizing marijuana in Colorado and tries to quantify its impact by analysing the change in the housing market. Spoiler: it seems that there was a significant positive impact from the legalization of the house price due to a strong increase in housing demand.
  • Nassim Nicholas Taleb technical Incerto: A mathematical parallel version of the Taleb's Incerto books 
    • The Statistical Consequences of Fat Tails: a look at fat tails and what they mean from different points of view as well as their real-life implications
    • Silent Risk : provides a mathematical framework for decision making and the analysis of (consequential) hidden risks
    • Convexity, Risk and Fragility : a look at Decision theory is not about understanding the world, but getting out of troubleand ensuring survival.

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