Thursday, January 31, 2019

[Links of the Day] 31/01/2019 : Evidence based management, real time data streams analysis, proxy firewall with deep protocol analysis

  • Evidence-Based Management Guide : agile meet KPI scorecards ... Some interesting concept, but I am wary of the current trends of anything can be solved by X + Z in management... 
  • Confluo : real-time distributed analysis of multiple data streams. Confluo simultaneously supports high throughput concurrent writes, online queries at millisecond timescales, and CPU-efficient ad-hoc queries via a combination of data structures carefully designed for the specialized case of multiple data streams, and an end-to-end optimized system design.
  • Zorp : open source proxy firewall with deep protocol analysis. If you want to be nice and cosy on a deep and meaningfull level with your traffic. This is for you. With Zorp you can control, inspect and modify traffic at the application layer.

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