Thursday, September 26, 2019

[Links of the Day] 26/09/2019 : Continuous compliance, Golang UI terminal for docker, Startup checklist

  • Continuous Compliance : an interesting post about continuous compliance and how to integrate it as a standard practice in your CICD. However, more often than not, the main issue on the human side and not the technical side. Sadly, companies tend to avoid the introduction of continuous compliance. They this technology as an increased risk because the constant validation can pickup problem that are not detectable with episodic checks. Which ultimately translates into $$ cost, as if a compliance issue is detected, it has to be fixed. That's why your best chance to introduce continuous compliance practice within your SDLC  would be in the initial requirements collection phase of a Greenfield project.
  • Lazy-Docker : great UI terminal for managing docker and docker-compose. Bonus : written in GO.
  • Startup Checklist : a succinct checklist that can quickly help you develop ideas and filter them. However, like the author mention, be careful to not over filter ideas as the good one can be too easily dismissed.

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