Tuesday, October 01, 2019

[Links of the Day] 01/10/2019 : Capital venture relationships and investments, Neural Network normalisation Technic, Lossless data compression using deep learning

  • The Dynamics of Venture Capital Relationships : Study of VC network of relationship. The authors found that having a deeper relationship leads to fewer, not more future co-investments. Moreover, deeper relationships lead to lower exit performance, even after controlling for endogeneity. Interestingly, deeper relationships first lead to lower performance and subsequently lead to a slowdown in the relationship intensity. Relationship effects are more negative for VC firms with less central network positions, and for deals made in “hot” investment markets.
  • Cerebras : a new technique for normalizing hidden activations on neural networks. This allows researchers to greatly accelerated their training sequence without the need to be a Google or AWS with dedicated accelerators. [presentation] [git]
  • Bit-swap : lossless data compression technique using deep learning.

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