Tuesday, November 19, 2019

[Links of the Day] 19/11/2019 : Stateful Functions, Timeseries in JS, EU SMEs and Cloud

  • Stateful functions : this is a really cool concept that mimics the lambda model but injects statefulness in the function by leveraging Apache Flink. Ok, you need the whole Kafka/Flink stack but the benefit from this is quite staggering.
  • uplot : fast tiny time series and line chart. Enough said :) 
  • Study on the economic detriment from unfair and unbalanced cloud computing contracts :  European study on the unfair balance of power held by cloud providers and its impacts on EU SMEs. Sadly the report seems to be heavily biased against the cloud providers. It seems to boil down that a lot of problem stems from a lack of education of the customer and the lack of understanding of the problems and costs associated with cloud-based services.

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