Tuesday, November 26, 2019

[Links of the Day] 26/11/2019 : MD + GIT = Powerpoint , K8s minus 5 , Polyglot Notebook

  • GitPitch : markdown powered presentation tool. I'm lazy and I feel that powerpoint/google doc does the trick for me. However, if you are willing to go past the learning curve this seems to be a great tool! Hey, I still prefer to write my document in Latex.. So who am I to judge :) [github]
  • k3s : Kubernetes but lightweight. 5 times less to be precise ( hence the 3 = 8 - 5 )
  • Polynote : polyglot notebook by netflix. I really like the concept of notebook IDE as a service. This is a must for any organisation that heavily rely on data science to optimise their operations.  [github]

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