Tuesday, May 12, 2020

[Links of the Day] 12/05/2020 : Learning From Unlabeled Data, Fast Dataset Classifier, Azure Bad Rollout guardian

  • Learning From Unlabeled Data : Slidedeck of a talk by Thang Luong of Google research. Thang present a novel method for learning from unlabeled data and more specifically semi-supervised learning methods. These methods were used to generate Google Meena Chatbot model.
  • Flying Squid : Looks like a super-fast Snorkel with even better performance. Like Snorkel this is used to quickly building classifiers of datasets that would be otherwise extremely time-consuming (and expensive) to label by hand for training purposes.
  • Gandalf : Azure machine learning system trained to catch bad rollout deployment. The aims of this system is to catch bad deployment before they can have ripple effects across the whole system.

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