Thursday, May 14, 2020

[Links of the Day] 14/05/2020 : Wasm In Linux Kernel, Knowledge Graphs, Contrastive Machine learning Model for Software Performance Regressions

  • Kernel Wasm : Looks like people want to run WASM everywhere. This time the authors propose to run wasm program in the kernel. In this case, I just wonder if it would not be more judicious to try run WASM in EBPF. From the GitHub repo it seems that they might actually try to do the opposite. [github]
  • Knowledge Graphs : A comprehensive introduction to knowledge graphs. If you want to learn more about the knowledge graph I would recommend reading the following paper before reading the arxiv one.
  • A Zero-Positive Learning Approach for Diagnosing Software Performance Regressions : really innovative approach by Intel folks there. I have started to see interesting trends in machine learning where instead of trying to train the ML model using a dataset that contains the whole spectrum of possibility. The authors start to use contrastive methods instead. In this case, the ML model is trained on a non-abnormal dataset in order to identify abnormal behaviour. It is much easier in performance evaluation to obtain ideal, or standard metrics rather than abnormal scenario. In this case, the author uses the ideal hardware performance counter to train their model in order to identify abnormal behaviour. [poster]

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