Tuesday, June 09, 2020

[Links of the Day] 09/06/2020 : #WASM on #K8S , Fast Anomaly Detection on Graphs, Linux one ring

  • Krustlet : it seems that web assembly is getting more pervasive, we have kernel WASM, WASM for Deep learning, now Krustlet offer WASM for Kubernetes via Kubelet.
  • Fast Anomaly Detection in Graphs :  Really cool real-time anomaly detection on dynamic graphs.  the authors claim to be 644 times faster than SOTA with 42-48% higher accuracy. What is even more attractive is the constant memory usage which is fantastic for production deployment. [github
  • io_uring : this will dominate the future of the Linux interface. It is currently eating up every single IO interface and probably won't stop just there. 

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