Tuesday, June 23, 2020

[Links of the Day] 23/06/2020 : Thinking while moving, AI snake oil, Graph Database

  • Thinking While Moving too often current machine learning system is used in a rigid control loop. Leading to saccades. The authors of this paper propose concurrent execution of the fingering system with the controlled system. Allowing more fluid operations and shorter execution time of the task.
  • AI snake oil : a lot of AI solution project fail to return their initial investment. Too many buzzwords and not enough understanding of the limits of the current technology. At least NVIDIA is selling GPU by the millions. When there is a gold rush, the one making a fortune is the one selling shovels.
  • TerminusDB : in-memory graph database management system. it's interesting to see that 99% of the source code is Prolog and they JSON-LD as the definition, storage and interchange format for the query language. The original use case for this solution targeted financial data stored as time series but lacking graph correlation.

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