Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Links of the day 14 - 10 - 2014

Today's links 14/10/2014: Amazon monopoly question, Cloud, Velocity conf, OSv - CloudOS
  • It's not my Problem I'm renting them : Very good introduction to cloud. And also how cloud shield you from low level issue, ex: what about SSD wear issue - don't care i m renting them.  Scott Hanselman: "Virtual Machines, JavaScript and Assembler" Keynote - Velocity Santa Clara 2014 
  • Velocity conference : All videos of the excellent velocity conference.
  • Amazon Is Not a Monopoly vs Amazon Must Be Stopped : Compelling argument on both side but both completely ignore Amazon AWS and cloud strategy which implies they probably misunderstood a large portion of Amazon model. 
  • OSv : Optimizing the Operating System for Virtual machines using OSv cloud OS -  Usenix 2014

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