Friday, October 24, 2014

Links of the Day 24 - 10 - 2014

Today's links 24/10/2014: Failure injection, Virtual Core, Distributed analytic engine , biological circuits
  • Kylin : eBay has released to the open-source community its distributed analytic engine designed to accelerate analytics on Hadoop and allow the use of SQL-compatible tools [ ebay blog post
  • FIT : how netflix use Failure Injection Testing to validate its code, architecture and everything else 
  • Virtual core : after risc, cisc here comes VISC. The VISC architecture is based on the concept of “virtual cores” and “virtual hardware threads.” This new approach enables dynamic allocation and sharing of resources across cores.
  • Rich Test Results by Google: aims to represent most of the data that can be produced by static and dynamic program analysis. 
  • Precise and programmable biological circuits : on step closer to biological computers with the aim of designing small circuits made from biological material

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