Thursday, October 23, 2014

Links of the day 23 - 10 - 2014

Today's links 23/10/2014: fast TCP socket, HFT , cuckoo filter and  sidechain for Bitcoin blockchain
  • Fastsocket : highly scalable socket and underlying networking implementation of Linux kernel rewrite. Nice performance and results, however its going to be hard to push within the upstream kernel. Might take a while if it ever happen.
  • 5th Annual Modeling High Frequency Data in Finance Conference : last year HFT conference slides
  • Cuckoo Filter - Practically Better Than Bloom : Performance wise, at the same level of space efficiency, insert speeds are better than a standard Bloom filter when the hash is mostly empty (low load), but significantly worse than a Bloom filter at high load when the hash gets filled and many 'evictions' are necessary for each insert. But if a tradeoff for space is acceptable (to stay at ~50% load), the Cuckoo Hash inserts much faster than its Bloom counterpart. Lookup speeds for existing keys are 2-3x the speed of a standard Bloom filter, and about 1.5x than the "Blocked" Bloom filter variant. Negative lookups (key not present) are about 2x faster than Bloom at high load, but about 3/4 the speed at low load. ( full summary on HN
  • Pegged Sidechains : Sidechains in theory could address lots of the scalability issues of Bitcoin and could accelerate the roll out of new features

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