Monday, January 05, 2015

Links of the day 05 - 01 - 2015

Today's links 5/1/2015: cloud object store consistency, in stream #bigdata processing and #NoSQL algos, Deterministic lockstep
  • Are We Consistent Yet? : Observed and documented eventual consistency of object stores, e.g., Amazon S3, OpenStack Swift. Your cloud datastore might not be as consistent as you think 
  • In-Stream Big Data Processing : a good insight in how to do in-stream big data processing 
  • Distributed Algorithms in NoSQL Databases : a more or less systematic description of techniques related to distributed operations in NoSQL databases. 
  • Deterministic lockstep : a method of synchronizing a system from one computer to another by sending only the inputs that control that simulation, rather than networking the state of the objects in the simulation itself

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