Monday, April 20, 2015

Links of the day 20 - 04 - 2015

Today's links 20/04/2015: NVMe over RDMA, Trademark , Pub-Sub for geo-replicated services , multicore middleware
  • Mangstor : demonstration of "NVMe over RDMA" shows over 2-Million NVMe 4KB Random read and ~1.7M random write low latency IOPs, fully saturating dual 40Gb ehternet ports.
  • Trademark : somebody trademarked "THE DATA CENTER IS THE COMPUTER "
  • Wormhole : Reliable Pub-Sub to Support Geo-replicated Internet Services at Facebook
  • MDTM : Multicore-Aware Data Transfer Middleware Project​ aims to accelerate data movement at multiore systems. It addresses inefficiencies in existing data movement tools when running on multicore systems by harnessing multicore parallelism to scale data movement on end systems.

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