Thursday, April 23, 2015

Links of the day 23 - 04 - 2015

Today's links 23/04/2015: HPC MQ, Ethernet Connected Drives, MongoDB consistency issue, Memory Errors
  • CoralMQ : full-fledged, ultra-low-latency, high-reliability, software-based middle ware for the development of distributed systems based on asynchronous messages. Developed for high speed trading and FX applications. Its always interesting to see that a lot of high frequency trading apps are written in Java while the (often flawed) perception is that it should be avoid for HPC solution. 
  • Ethernet Connected Drives : I really think that this type of storage is going to be the next generation of jack of all trade cloud storage solution. Massive potential scale out potential with better simplicity and maintainability ( not to mention lower TCO) [slides][Q&A]
  • MongoDB stale reads : well not all good news if you really want to have consistent transaction.. MongoDB can return old / stall read value and stripe heavily relies on it is even more puzzling. This all scream run to me..
  • Memory Errors in Modern Systems : with more memory in system ( and exascale HPC) more errors will occur and with the current state of things probably be silently ignored.. The risk is to what extend these error will damage the system and how to detect and mitigate them.

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